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Jenni Stephens
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Coach: Mike Steger

This volleyball club is oriented to beginners and intermediate
players, so Mike M - this could help you to learn the game of 2's and
have fun at it!

Here's the information from Mike's flyer:

It's that time of year again, the sun is coming out and the poles are
up. Have a chance to learn 2-on-2 Beach Volleyball from a volleyball
professional. Learn how the Pro's themselves train to keep improving
their game. You will participate in specific stretches, plyometrics,
volleyball drills, and strategy for the beach game one day per week.
Then, you will use what you learned in a tournament-style setting
every Thursday after your clinic that week. Not only will you be able
to start improving your game through conditioning, drills, and
knowledge, but also have the opportunity to play with and/or against
the professional in a game.

BeachClub will be starting May 19th for Mondays (off on 26th), May
28th for Wednesdays and Thursdays starting on May 29.
You will choose the day you wish to take clinic based on your skill
level. I will make a few exceptions for clinics but not for
tournaments. Place yourself at the level that you think is
appropriate for yourself. But keep in mind that I will change your
level if deemed necessary. I am going to limit the classes to 10
people per class unless all classes are full then I will max out at

Play Levels:
Beginners: Little knowledge of the outdoor game with only some ball
Intermediate: Experience playing 2's with good ball control.

- Mondays 6:30pm – 7:45pm (Beginners) or 7:45-9:00pm (Intermediate)
- Wednesdays 6:30pm – 7:45pm (Intermediate) or 7:45-9:00pm (Beginners)
- Thursdays 6pm – 9pm.

Every week you will play with a new partner so you can learn to adapt
to different playing styles. I will do my best to minimize the wait
time during tournaments. If there are some wait times then I will
work with you on skills that you want to improve. During game play I
will also walk around and give you tips and feedback to make your
game play become easier with fewer recurring errors.

There are 8 weeks in a session that will cost $140. Payment is due at
the beginning of the first class. For 8 clinics that are 1hr 15mins
and 8 tournaments that go for 3 hrs, that is only $4.12 per hr of
valuable volleyball experience that will take your game to the next
level. If you prefer Clinics only with no Tournaments it will be $110
(please specify in your email). Preference will be given to those
that join the BeachClub.

Have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Please feel free to pass
this along to any of your friends that you think would be interested.
It will be first-come first-served for class registration. If you are
100% sure of date and time please send me an email confirming your
commitment, otherwise it will be who pays first at the beach.

Let's get this summer started off right and hit the sand.

Best Regards,
Mike Steger
773-263-7436 for questions,
but please RSVP through email at mike_stegs@....

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