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Hey Gang, First game is 9pm April 1st, Tues. See ya there! Bring red and white.

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Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Sorry Ian, I missed Sat. b/c I was in Boston being nerdy.

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I have a meeting at 7:30pm in the south suburbs, so I most likely won't make it back in time for our game.  Good luck.

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Hey everyone,

I have my children tonight and no one to stay with them
therefore, I won't be there.
Apologies for the late notice.

Good luck and enjoy!
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I won't be able to play in net on April 15th or 22nd. I will be out of town. See you next week.
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8pm game 4/9. Remind me if you can't make it, thanks. A couple people said they would probably miss and I can't remember them all.

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4/9 or 4/8?

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Sorry, 4/8. Thanks for the catch.

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Yeah nothing like an hour before the game but I am still at work and it was pretty busy today.  Sorry but I wont be able to make it.  I will also be missing next week too.  Good Luck


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7:30 game, 4/15. Casey, where are you??

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4/22 Another 6:30 game! Hey, it's not 6 anymore, so we should all be there on time... Leave now and pretend it's at 6...

Didn't give a speal after the game this week because I was busy getting ready to sub for the next game but great job! Much better than last week. Here's what we did well:

Circulated the ball down low
Had people in front of the net for rebounds and to help screen the goalie on shots
Had several rebound goals
Got on the ball faster
Blocked more shots
Passed to everyone, which spread them out more.

Here's where we still need to improve:

Get on the ball faster when they bring it out from their own end. Remember, the goal isn't to get the ball; it's to force them to get rid of it faster than they want, which often leads to turnovers, which leads to...

Teams do it to us all the time and we need to work on getting better clears out of our end and being careful about clearing it in front of our netc.

Have anything to add? Please do!
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Hey folks,

It is good to hear that we won last night. Yes, I am keeping up with the news. I look forward to 4-29-08. Good luck next week, go Flames!!
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Hey guys...sorry I won't be able to make it tomorrow...I might be able to come late, but I highly doubt it.

Sorry and Good luck
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Reyno is subbing for Jason, in case some others can't make it, too. Jason, join as at the bar after for some hockey. (North Beach has reopened.)

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hey all - I have to work until 6:30 today - I'm very sorry for the late notice - so I won't be at the game.  spologies and wishes of a great game for everyone
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