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6:30 again Tuesday; 2nd and final 6:30 game in the regular season. Got Puckers; we owe them for our embarrassing playoff loss last season!

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I will be there, most likely late, but I'll be there.

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Sorry - I can't make it to the game tonight. I feel awful and am having a hard time breathing quite right.

Good luck all.

 I hope you guys find some ladies!

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5/6 Game time is 9:30. 2 weeks left until playoffs!

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5/13 game time is 8:30. Vini is back! He'll be finishing the season out w/us.

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5/20. Playoffs. As expected, we got the 6:30 game time. Please arrive early (like leave work now). Steve won't be there. Mike is out. Carolyn can't play. However, we should be able to win if we have everyone else there. We typically play this team well but we need everyone else there to pull it off, for sure. Me and Tom will be D. Vini, Jason, and Mark, O. Only 3 women but 3 fine women. Sue, Liz, and Robin.

Let's win it! Again, 6:30 game time.
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Hey team,

I want to let you know that next week, if we win tomorrow, I won't be able to play in net. I hope we can find a goalie for 5/27. See yeah tomorrow!!!!!
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