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I'm in florida all next week. Wont make it for the feb 9th game.
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Ian - sorry for the late notice, I'm out Tuesday - sinus infection.  See you next week.

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[/B][B]hi guys....sorry to say - threw my back out on thurs. I thought it would be better enough by tues, but doesnt seem so. i wont be able to play tomorrow. Also I am away nezt week....sorry! Good luck!!
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Hey Linda, hope you feel better! 6-6 tie this week sets up a battle for 1st the last week of the season w/NHL '93. Frankly, they out played us but we missed some chances (a post and I flubbed around at one in front of their net that was saved like 3 times by their goalie and once by a defender). They only had one guy sub and no women. They are solid throughout, and will have John and Nav back next time. Of course, we'll have Tom, Patrick, Linda, and Robin back. Casey is w/us now, replacing Caryn, who has been swamped at work.

Mark B. is out due to surgery; wish him well. (Outpatient on his sinuses.) So Jason is returning. Vini will be back next week, most likely, too.

Game time for 2/16 is 9pm. See ya there!
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8pm game on 2/23. This is a battle for 1st against NHL '93; playoffs start following week. It is huge to get 1st because 2nd has to play the Crease Monkeys (most likely) in the semi's and that game could always go either way. 1st means we only have to go through one of them--NHL or Crease Monkeys--instead of both. See ya there!

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So how did we do Tuesday?  In case some of you hadn't heard, I am out for the remainder of this season and next season.  Ruptured my Quad tendon in the Sunday league and had surgery yesterday to re-attach to the knee cap.  It was great playing with you guys for so long.  Best of luck in the playoffs.
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Tom, we don't want your excuses! Be ready to play next Tuesday! We lost in a close one this past week against NHL '93. Were up 4-2 early in 3rd but a scuffle one of their guys started w/a stick in Steve's face got both Steve and him ejected. We couldn't hold it together and lost 6-5. Liz made 2 great saves w/JD pulled on Nav! Heal fast buddy.

8pm next week against most likely the Crease Monkeys. They will be warmed up because they play at 7pm, so their shots, etc, will be on. Get there early for warm-up, eh? See ya then!
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For those not there Tuesday, we actually lost to the Crease Monkeys in the semis (yikes!) 5-2. We had 3 guys not show and that hurt us. I talked to the guys and it was just one of those bad timing things; they got stuck at work! We've all been there. It happens. First time we've had people miss playoffs w/out knowing in 3+ years. We'll be back next season strong! W/everyone there, we are the team to beat, able to take down NHL '93 by several goals.

We need to sign up soon, so those new this past season, let me know if you are returning or not ASAP. Right now the ? marks are: Mark W, Mark B, Jimmy, Jason, Casey, and Patrick. Thanks!
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Your team is such a joke it isnt even funny. And gotta love the comment about the game last week....

the altercation started after your ibred looking player, who is an absolute ass hat and tries to start crap EVERY game, came full blown sprinting across the court and slashed our player in the shin pad (actually was a gash from that on the leg too), was accordingly pushed in the wall while clearing out the ball, threw his stick down, and then proceeded to 2 handed SLAP a player in the face. Then got his ass taken down in about 2 seconds, and is probably pretty lucky it happened by your guys bench so he didnt get absolutely pummeled

It is very sad that you guys lost in the playoffs, as it would have been a great joy to kick the living shit out of you guys. Please return the exact same team next season, except the one guy on your team who is actually decent and not a POS...we could do without him.

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