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Make it $60 each. (I worked us out a league discount; we are still saving like $15 per person over other teams, because we don't pay the $10 non-social member fee for everyone on the team, like other leagues pay.)

We've lost a lot balls over the seasons and I want to purchase some more, as well as some back-up goggles for subs and for when people forget them. This is a good season to do it because the cost per person is low. I'm going to give some of the balls to players who show regularly to have when I'm not there, like Mark or JD, so you have them for warm-up. (Or if I'm late, you don't have to wait for me to have balls with which to warm-up.) Also, I'd like to give Patrick some money back in case he is out for a while because of his appendicitis. Thanks! (Robin, I'll just collect the excess $ from you once you collect it.)
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8 and 9pm games on 10/27--yup, double-header!

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Have a work dinner and will most likely miss the game.  Good Luck!
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I'll collect checks for Robin, so you can bring them to the game. Thanks.

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Sorry I'm out tonight. I've been sick and hoped I'd feel well enough to play tonight, but I'm still feeling not so great. Good luck everyone.

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Feel better, Liz. So we have 4 women for tonight--Sue, Linda, Caryn and Tammy. See ya'all there! 

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7pm for Nov. 3. If you haven't, please bring your $ for Robin. Hopefully, I'll be healed up enough to play more than a few shifts. Sucks being injured, man! Nice job this week. Keep it up; pinching up, closer shots, rebounds, being in position in front of the net, etc.

Remember to keep that stick below the shoulder. The ref is calling it tight. Personally, I think that's a good thing. Keeps there from being as many skirmishes and we haven't anyone get hit, yet, knock on wood.
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Ian, I am out again this week. Still healing. I'm hoping to play next tuesday. Good luck team.
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I'm out for tomorrow.  I can't make, I have a committment.


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7pm this upcoming Tues. Reyno is in for Tom.

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Ian, sorry, I'm out this week.  Good luck guys.  See you next week
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Ian, I'm out again this week. I thought i would be 100% this week, but i think im still a few days away from it. Sorry for the short notice. I will be back for sure next week. Good luck tonight.
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Playoffs! 7pm on 11/17 against the Crease Monkeys. W/everyone there, we should be able to win this match. This week we lost to them 7-6 but were missing Matt and Jason. Last time we played them, we won pretty handidly, when we had Jason and Matt. This is a semi-final match. Championship the following week.

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Sorry everyone,
I am not not going to be there tomorrow and next week I am out of the country - very, very sad (
Play well!!
I hope to celebrate from afar with your success!!
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Championship match scheduled for Tues Nov 24, 7pm. Anthony (captain of NHL '93) and I are looking to get it pushed back a week. I'll keep you posted but for now... plan to be there Tues Nov 24!

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