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Hey Everyone,

very very sorry but i'll be on the road tonight for a client event. I am going to try and get Mike to fill in for me tho.

i know that makes 3 straight, i hate missing them but i dont have a choice from my boss.

see you next week

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I forgot we had a "snow day." So next week is NOT the playoffs. It is a 6pm make up game against the last place team. This is a good opportunity for us to regroup and we need to! Bring the energy, the shots, and let's get ready for playoffs! 
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And when I say next week, I mean 3/8.
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As with all 6 o'clock games, I'll be a little late. I work till 6 and if parents pick up late, I'm even later!


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Playoffs - 6pm and then again at 7pm if we win on 3/15. So if you can't make the 6pm game, keep coming for the 7pm game or, better, late for the 6pm game!
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