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We play at 6:30 to start things off, 3/22. It's our season! Time to take another title, gang!

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Oh yeah; Monday league.

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3/29 game time is 7:30. Great start this past week against a seasoned, defensively scrappy team. Let's keep building from here--i.e. continuing to use the whole court offensively more and more each week. Great job on picking up the ball placement, as well! Good adjusting. 7:30 Monday!

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8:30 game on 4/5. See ya there! Nice match this past Mon!

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6:30 game on Monday 4/12. 3-0 this past week! Let's keep on rolling!

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9:30 Mon, Apr. 19. Beth subs again for us.

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6:30pm on 4/26. Guess what? I won't be there! Have to work. Will grab a sub. (Crazy, eh?)

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this work thing has to end.  it's not right.
league fee is $85
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5/3 Monday, 7:30 game time!

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What, no game time???
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We have a BYE on Monday, May 3rd. I posted this yesterday and that we finhished 2nd despite losing 2/3 this week but for some reason, it didn't keep on the board. ???? Be prepared: It is possible they will put us down for 9:30 on Monday over the wknd or day of game; right now, they just have 3 matches scheduled but they have rented the gym for 4. As of now, though, we have a BYE.

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PS - Yes, it is playoff time! Hence the BYE.

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My bad; it took before, I just put it on my Wed team's thread by mistake... Never made errors like this before I started working for "the man"...

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7pm for the semi's on 5/17. 8pm for the title match! Block Party upset the #1 seed, so if we can get to the for the finals, we have a real chance of taking it. Bring your A game and let's have fun!

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This schedule is stacked against me -- the only week I'm around for these last three and we have a bye.  I'm very much out of town Monday -- need a sub.
Sorry guys... didn't realize I'd essentially be out for the rest of the season. 
Go get 'em!

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