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Happy New Year! Time for a new season Lincoln Park HS agan. We play tonight at 7:30pm.

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Scratch that... double-header tonight! 8:30 game added to the sched for us. Sweet! I could use the workout...

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8:30 this Monday. Jenni is out. I'll grab a sub.

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Ian, let me know if you need help finding a sub... I mean, 3's is fun and all, but don't want to end up potentially short-handed like we did last playoffs....
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Jen's playing. So we won't even really have to learn a new name for the game...

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6:30 game on Mon. 1/25. To get back on the winning track we need to offensively use the whole court (our defense is good). I'll try to yell where to hit as a suggestion, like short or deep, etc. We are hitting many balls to the middle of the court and they are just waiting for 'em. So try to add some roll shots, etc, to your bag of tricks. This will keep them more of balance and allow you to hit more w/out the balls being dug. This is really our only weakness; if we eliminate it, we'll be back to the title match again! (Been several seasons, eh? Far too long...) See ya Monday!

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2/1 7:30 game time. See ya then!

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In tonight 2/1, but traveling next Monday 2/8, so I need a sub!
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2/8 game time is 6:30PM. Jenni is out. Reminder: I will be on WGN TV Morning news 7:50 or so on 2/9!

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3-0 this week! Nice job. We are in last w/7 wins but the 4th place team has 7 wins, too, and the 2nd place team has 9 wins. We have 3 games left, 2 weeks of play. (Another double-header our last week.)

This week (2/15) we play at 6:30pm against the 1st place team. We took 1 or 2 games from them the last time we met. Remember to mix up your hits, shots, etc. See ya there!
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Double-header Mon, 2/22! We play at 7:30 and 8:30 and control our own destiny! We are in 5th right now but it is a close race--the 2nd place team has only 2 more wins than us... and we play them! So, we can actually grab 2nd place w/4+ wins, no prob. Let's take all 6, though, eh?! Playoffs start the following week!

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Just a reminder for ian and jenni, for the $83 league fee.  Tracy is good. 

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3/1 is playoffs! We play at 6:30 then again at 7:30 if we win. See ya there! (If we lose, dinner after the match at the bar, eh?)

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Tracy is very good, yes, Mike... good call.
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