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Hey Gang,

Our first game is at St. Andrews, Wed, Apr. 9, at 8:15pm, middle court. See ya there! Let me know if you need a ride.
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Apr. 16 is a 7:15 game. Let's take all 3 this week! Good start to the season, gang. Well played all around.

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Apr. 23 is the late game, 10:15 on court 3 (not our usual middle court). We are in the middle of the pack at 4-2 and facing a 6-0 team, although both their victories are over 0-6 teams.

Kari is out this week again and we still need another woman for the team! Find someone. (I can't think of any guys we could add. We can talk about options on Wed.) I'll work on subs for this week and let you know if we need anyone. Let me know if you find someone who wants on the team full-time! Thanks.
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PS - Dinner ahead of time at the Water House or whatever it's called? Say, 7:30? Let me know who's in for that and we can make it happen!

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Hey everyone ... sorry to do this, but chances are I am not going to make it tomorrow night.  Just wanted to give you a heads up, since I just came down with a cold and am not feeling very well.
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Hi All,
Ian, I have a girl who can sub for us tonight if that's okay with you.  I figured we're probably still looking for someone given that Priscilla can't make it now either.  Also, no dinner for me tonight... see you at 10:15.

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Yes!! Tracy, bring your girl, please! We are down to three again w/out her. Thanks. I have feelers out for others; still need two for tonight. Emailed both guys and girls.

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All right, we're up to 5 now. 3 gals, 2 guys for tonight. Whew! I was getting nervous...

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8:15 AND 9:15 game times for Apr. 30! That's right, got the double-header. Let's go 6-0! Welcome Mike to the team as a full time member, so now we are 4 women, 2 guys. I needed someone to complain about all the women to...

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I'm out Wednesday.  Ciao.

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Game time Wed, May 7 is 7:15. North court (I don't know which one it is except that it is not the middle court).

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5/14 is a 10:15 game, back on our home court--the middle one

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5/21, round #1 of the playoffs. 8:15 game, playing winner of the 7:15 game. Please arrive a little before 8 for proper warm-up; our opponent will be well warmed-up, coming off their win! Thanks. (Christine is subbing for Kari.)
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