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Our next game, 10/19, is at 8pm. A 6th team has joined the league! Woo hoo! Always bring a white shirt to go along w/the green. Who knows, maybe the new team is green, too... Thanks.
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I'll be there with bells on. Glad to be back.

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No game time for next week, yet. Will post when it goes up.
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Game time Tues, Oct 26 is 9pm.
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Good luck next week. I will not be there.

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Next game time for Nov. 2 is... 6pm! Yup, early game to get some other teams double-headers to make up for starting the league late. So we play at 6pm next week! Leave work now!
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Game time for 11/9 is 9pm. Cost of the league is $81 each. Please bring your checks this week made out to Robin Vogel. Thanks! And thank you, Robin!
Dan B
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Who are we playing?

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The new team.
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11/16 game time is 9pm. Tim should be there, as well as a new guy who has played a lot of hockey, Greg, and Audrey will come in case we need her. So we should be full. This is a win-win game for us: If we win, we take 2nd and get a bye. If we lose, we take 3rd and get a 1st round warm-up game against Orange Crush, who we will--pardon the pun--probably crush. (Good team and peeps, just don't play together yet. Kind of luck us this past week...) So just relax and play. Against our nemesis, so will be a good match, as always.
Robin Vogel
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I am out for this eveing.  Hurt my ankle.

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No game time yet. I'll post as soon as it goes up. This is the playoffs now, peeps! In a weird twist, NHL '93 got 4th place. The team that beat us that we should have killed got 3rd because of our win over NHL '93. So that means we don't have to go through both NHL '93 and Crease Monkeys to win it all. Just one of them in the title match. Bring your A game for revenge against Action Figures! Again, I'll post when the game time is up.
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As expected, we have a bye on 11/23. Nice job! Semi's and championship following week. See ya there and Happy TDay!
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
See you for that last evening of November!

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11/30 game time for semis and title match is not posted yet. Probably won't post till Monday. I'll post here and email everyone, too.

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