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Hey Team,

Say Ciao to Priscilla (sniff) but hello to Jen! 1st game is at LPHS at 7:30 on 3/24. You know the spot! Still coed 4's.
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6:30 Monday, Mar. 31

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8:30 game 4/7

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4/14 6:30 game.

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7:30 Apr. 21, in a 3-way tie for 1st right now! Let's get some wins and separate from the pack!

Jenni Stephens
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I'll need a SUB for Monday, 4/21/08. 

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Got one, thanx for the reminder!

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9:30 game Monday. They screwed up our stats but we should be in a 3-way tie for first at 10-5. Let's dig down and finish the last two weeks strong going into the playoffs!

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5/5 9:30 game. Tie for first at 13-5, last week before playoffs!

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Sorry for the late notice, I'm out on Monday, need a sub...  Hate to be a putz, but Vicki & I throw an annual Cinco de Mayo party at Uncle Julio's Hacienda (North/Clybourn)...  Everyone's welcome!

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5/12 game time is 8:30. This is round #1 of the playoffs! Bring your game face. Nice 2nd place finish for the season; not bad!

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Mike's close friend from high school/Texas surprised us with a last-minute appearance in Chi-town for tonight only... 

Sorry, team, I screwed up tonight...  I still had 6:30p as the game time on my calendar so that was the time I told Amy Z, so I just started out confused...  When I got above ground on the train, it was almost 7pm, so I had it in my head that it was too late to check in on whether you got a sub...  I also thought that Ian was gonna call me back if Beth couldn't make it, and then I later comprehended what he said about "no news is bad news"...  I was also thinking playoffs were next week until I talked to Ian...  Crap.  So I apparently just didn't have my S#%& together today at all.

I really didn't mean to leave you high and dry, I thought that anyone would be able to sub, and I have a big pool to call on, but Ian told me it had to be someone from the roster, I forgot about that rule for the playoffs...  Glad you guys pulled out the W without my lame butt, I'll buy you all a beer (or two) after we take the championship next week!  And I'll put "Check the Board" on my calendar...  Duh!!
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6:30 game 5/19, then the title game at 8:30 if we win. Follow Jen's instructions and remember the game is at:
HAMILTON SCHOOL (1650 W Cornelia)
Cornelia is a block or two south of Addison (3600 N.) and the school is just west of Ashland (1600 W.).
Jen, shake it off and come back this week strong! Tracy, remember your shoes!
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