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4/11 game time is 7pm. See ya there!

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4/18 game time is 7pm. It's Erika's last game before Jamie returns. If we can, let's try to hit the bar w/her after the match!

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4/25 game time is 9pm.

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5/2 Game TimeSSS (Double-header, peeps) - 8 and 9pm

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Game time 5/9 is 7pm. Bring it! (Another rematch of the last two title matches.)

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5/16 game time is 9pm. Semi-finals. We play the #2 seed, which is the team w/the low-cut tops that Lynda prefers... Bring it! Key to success will be playing positions to cover for the ball placement, esp. deep w/the high arc shots they like and the cut shots they make to our strong side. Will have to hit well and have some good placement--roll shots, deep corners, to mix it up and keep them from getting comfortable. That teams biggest weakness is losing their composure when they can't get comfortable.

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5/23/11 game time is 9pm. Championship match against are fun arch-rival! This is for bragging rights to break the 1-1 split. Bring it! Since I know they check this board, strategy will be emailed...

On another note, great job this week. Came back in game one only to lose and that could have been the back breaker for many teams but we didn't let up and took a small lead all the way through for game 2, then broke their back in game 3 building from that momentum. Great D!! Lynda esp. seemed to be in good position and have good digs. Jamie was a monster at the net and I know for the first time in a long time my blocking actually had an impact, if not physical, mental on the other team. Mike had usual well placed hits and court coverage. Great victory over a team that we are now 4-1 against in postseason while 1-8 or 2-7 in season. Gotta bug 'em big time! We're in their heads now... I think we can learn this from them in game 3--what happens when a team gets out of position. They started to run amuck and reach in front of each other, as we have sometimes done. That gave us a nice lead in game #3 to work w/. It's good to be on the other end of that and see what it does and why we want to avoid it. We got good peeps and when we trust 'em, we play top ball. Sweet!
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