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Hey Gang,

The gym we're looking at has an opening at 2pm-4pm. I'd rather play in that slot. Who prefers 2 to 4 for starting? Chime in here. Thanks.
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thats fine with me. lets get some people to is hockey , what does two hours earlier really do to change anyones mind.
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2 is fine with me.
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that's fine
Paul C
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2 works great by me, better than 4, even.

Kelly :)
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2:00 is better for me, too. I'm trying to get there this week to check out the gym. If anyone else wants to check it out sooner, it's Unity Lutheran Church, 1212 W. Balmoral (Balmoral & Magnolia, just west of Broadway & the Red Line), in Andersonville.
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that works... are we good to go for this saturday coming up?

would like to play

Marc S
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2pm works for me!  Thanks for the effort on finding a new spot.

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I may be there. TBD

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We don't have the place set yet, gang. Just checking on moving the time. Thanks. I will keep you posted on the board, of course. Waiting to hear from the pastor there still.

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