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I heard about the Sat open hockey--that the church no longer wants us to play there, as they have a new pastor who plans to use the gym and are downstairs for prayer groups, etc, Sat at 4pm+, meaning the noise in the gym creates a problem. Glad you still played this past week; good call Marc. Wish I could have been there for the last one!

We'll be looking at new venues. Any ideas? Shoot 'em my way or post here. The person who used to have Rob's job at Sportsmonster now runs Margate Park for the city, so I'll check w/her to see if we can arrange something. There we can play 4 on 4 because it's a bigger size. Keep you posted!
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I just emailed a church with a gym that runs an open floor hockey for adults on Saturdays. They just booked basketball there starting on Sat's and everything else looks open. They said they'll get back to me on Tuesday to see w/more details, the schedule, etc. (Wonder if it's the same basketball group we followed at St. Bethany? Sounds like they got bounced from the gym, too.) W/any luck, we'll get a similar deal, they'll have an open slot, and we won't even have to miss a week of open hockey! I'll keep you posted and have an update Tuesday or early Wed, depending on when I speak w/them.

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No word from the possible new venue, yet. So no hockey this Sat or next (due to T-Day next week; many peeps oot, etc). I will update to the board as soon as I have news. Thanks.

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nothing yet?
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I'm heading there to tomorrow to play open hockey and check out their gym. Still waiting to hear back.

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Checked out the church. Nice gym, nice floor. Too nice for our gear. We'd ruin the floor. Also a little small for what would work. (They play w/plastic sticks. Good time and a large group.) So I'll look into other avenues. Someone there mentioned they used to play in a basement at another church but had some fights and so it was stopped. Maybe I can track that location down and we can suade them into letting us playing there.

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Erik's looking into a few places. I'll follow-up w/them, too, and keep you posted when I hear from him.

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Ian, what about the margate fieldhouse?

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No word from margate. I'll check again w/them next week. That would be a good place, for sure.

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Looks like the search will have to continue next year. Sorry; not hearing back from anyone, yet.

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Kelly has found a church in the same area. She is checking it out this wknd to see the gym. Keep your fingers crossed that it is big enough! They already told us their floor isn't great and recently waxed, so they don't mind us playing hockey there. And we got their rates. I'm following up w/them today about details--do we have to pay each week or just the weeks we use it? Etc. That's a biggie! Stay tuned; w/any luck, we'll be back in biz next Sat! Woo hoo!

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Okay, so 2 is a good move, so we'll shoot for that. The pastor at the possible new gym has been oot and won't be back until Tues, as his father passed away. Once he's settled back in, I am heading over to check out the gym and discuss the semantics. Keep your fingers crossed... This is taking longer than I had hoped to find a new place but hopefully we'll find one for another 10+ yrs, eh? I am itchin' to play!

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Looked at another church today (have looked at several). Could work. About the same size as the last one. $5 cheaper per hour. Downsides:

Want security deposit. (We can all put in for that.)
Nowhere to sit when not playing.

I'm waiting to hear back from Social Club about renting their facility on Sats from 2-4pm. Could cost twice as much as before but could be best venue. I will drive out there this Sat to see how parking is on the wknd, as that could be an issue. Keep you posted...
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have you tried St. Scholastica?
my rugby club used to rent their gym
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Thanks Sue! I'll check it out.

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