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8:15 game to debut season on 1st court when walk in.

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BYE 1/27/10. So Duey won't miss that game after all!

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2/3 game time is 9:15.

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10:15 game time this week, 2/10. We are in 5th taking on the 4th seed, so a chance to move up! Again, don't worry about winning; if we just keep improving like we did this last week, the wins will come, as they did this last week...

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2/17 game time is 8:15pm. We are 3-3, putting us in 5th out of 7; however, we play the 3rd place team this week and they only have 5 wins, so everyone is pretty much sitting in the middle of the pack except the first place team. Ty is in for Duey this week and grabbing a sub for Jen. May need to run a 5-1, depending on who I get. See ya Wed!

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2/24 8:15pm game time. We had a good comeback this last week to go 2-1 over a good, defensive opponent. Some bad passing got us in trouble in places. Stay loose!

This week we play the 1st place team, who is dominating the league; however, they are not nearly as good as the top couple teams last season who no longer play in the league (bummer!). In fact, we played this team last spring in the title match in the B level. We lost but almost won and we had a weaker team than we have now. They are consistent and good on D but only have one guy who can really pound it and he does a lot to carry the team in all aspects.

Stay loose and we can win this one. See ya there!
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3/3 game time is 9:15. Time to get ready for playoffs, which start in like 2 weeks or so! Bring it!

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9:15 game time for Wed. 3/10. Last match before playoffs!

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Playoffs start this Wed, 3/17! 10:15 game for round #1. See ya there!

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