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Hey Gang,

We start this week! 13 teams in the league as of right now. Our first game time is, Wed, Oct. 7 10:15pm on the south court. (There are 3 courts.) Roster is:

Jen, Gina, Stacie, me, Joe, and Scott. See ya there!
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Ian -  I'm out for this week.  10:15 is too late for me on wednesday night.  I start work at 6:30, which means I need to be in bed by no later than 11.   
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Rick Tauber will be subbing. Thanks for the heads up, Tim. (Tim not Scott is on the team; got my peeps mixed up. Sorry 'bout that.)

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I will be there! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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10/14 game time is 7:15, same court as last week (south court). See ya there! (7:15 is the first game for newbies, so please be there by 7pm for warm-up.)

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10/21 game time is 8:15 and 9:15! That's right kiddies, we have a double-header. We play on the north court--the opposite court we've been playing on.

Shake off last week's loss; it was an anamoly. We're much better than that. We just need to stay loose; we tightened up. RELAX. STAY LOOSE. And we'll be fine, kicking plenty of butt.

Joe, how is the leg? You ready to go or should I get a sub?
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I will be there!
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10/29 we have our 2nd and last 10:15 game, middle court, I believe. This is a trade-off--we got 8 games instead of 7 during the season but then we get 2 10:15 games.  See ya there!

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Rick is subbing for Tim this week, just FYI.

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8:15pm game Nov. 4. North court. I'll be getting there a little early as the 1st place team is playing on that court and I want to scout them out. Feel free to join me! If you do, please bring popcorn... I like lots of butter and salt. Thank you... Tim is out again this week, btw, so I'll grab a sub.

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7:15pm this week, 11/11. Joe is out. North court. See ya there!

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11/18 game time is 9:15pm on the middle court. Battle to hold onto first against the 2nd place team! Should be fun. (Third place team has the same record as the 2nd place one, so they'll be very interested in the outcome, as well. They play the last place team so they'll go 3-0.) See ya there! (Let me know ASAP if you need a sub, eh? Thanks.)

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Off this week for T-Day then playoffs next Wed. Enjoy the holiday!

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Playoffs start Dec. 2, this week! We play on the North Court at 7:15. Please arrive by 7 for ample warm-up. If we win, we play again at 8:15 on the same court.

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