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Hey Gang,

This week's game time is 8:45pm (4/13/11). Nice start to the season last week; some good competitive matches. To the bar after for the Hawk's game!
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I'll be there on Wed 13th, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it the next two Wed (04/20 and 04/27). Ian, if you could find a sub for me for those two dates, that would be great.

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4/20 game time is 845. Ty is subbing for Cedric. How's the leg, Cam?

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4/27 game time is 6:45pm. See ya there!

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5/4 game time is 8:45pm on the OPPOSITE court we normally play. So we are on the other side of the gym for this one. Cedric is back, so we should have everyone there. Woot woot!

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Oops. Forgot to check the game time earlier today. Sorry about that. 7:45 Wed. 5/11. Cubs night game, so check the signs for parking and expect it to be rough. El might be a wiser move. (Brownline Paulina stop is 2 blocks south.)

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5/18 is Playoffs! 8:45 game. We have a real shot of winning this match (4 vs. 5) against the team we played two weeks ago. We'll be missing Cedric--how's the ankle, man? So let's win this one for him! Cubs are away so parking won't be bad.

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5/25 game time is 6:45 AND 7:45 for the title match, right??!!

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